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The Commission's duties are carried out by two divisions:
Division I: Review, study and offer suggestions regarding urban plans
Division II: Administration of the Commission's Resolutions
The Commission's Resolutions:
Comments from preliminary reviews or conclusions of the Commission's review are discussed in the Commission meetings; related units and proposers are invited to attend the meetings to provide explanations when necessary. Resolutions are made through joint consultations; the content of each resolution is finalized by the chairman of the meeting by summarizing the contents of the discussion in the meeting. The resolution is then referred to the Department of Urban Development for filing with the Ministry of the Interior for approval. The Commission's agenda is arranged in compliance with the provision in Article 4.1 of the Rules for Enforcement of the Urban Planning Law in Taipei City, i.e. within 30 days after the end of an open display for review on determination or change concerning any urban plan. In principle, the review is placed in the agenda of Commission meeting to be held within one month after the end of the open display for proposals presented to the Commission for the first time. Hence, the Commission holds at least one meeting monthly in order to dispose of all proposals in a timely manner. However, some new proposals may not be included in the agenda within 30 days because of the lack of time due to the required re-examination of some proposals, or the importance and urgency levels of some concomitant proposals.