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As for the "Regulations for the Organization for Urban Planning Commission for varied Levels of Governments” as revised and promulgated by the Executive Yuan under Order No.1070031600 dated OCT 2, 2018, the Commission is composed of:
(1) One Chairperson, and one Vice Chairperson;
(2) 12 to 20 commission members appointed by the Mayor from among the following:
- Head of the competent authority or its representatives;
- Heads of the related authorities or their representatives;
- Experienced professionals; and
-People who are enthusiastic about public interest.
The number of commissioners from the first two categories above should not be more than one half of the total number of commissioners.
All the current commissioners were appointed on January 1, 2008, totaling twenty-one commissioners (including the chairperson and deputy chairperson).
In addition, the Commission has an Executive Secretary as well as a number of senior engineers, division chiefs, engineers and staff members, for a total of eleven people for performance of duties concerned.